Marketing Manager Makes a Difference in Manufacturing

Made Futures

S Lester Packing Materials Ltd are the Big Box Specialists, and they’re busy expanding, which has made life interesting for Marketing Manager, Steve Trow.

The role of Marketing Manager was a new one for S Lester, their expansion has led them to change their approach to marketing. They started giving much more of a focus to it, particularly digital marketing, and in mid-2020, Steve was appointed. He immediately took up the challenge of pulling together the diverse elements of the business into a clear strategy. 

For Steve, the opportunity to join a thriving business was something that he was keen to take advantage of. 

“I come from an advertising agency background, where it can sometimes be difficult to see what direct impact you’re having on the businesses you work with,” Steve explained. 

He continued: ”Working for a manufacturing company, you get to see the results of any activity very quickly, particularly on the digital marketing side of things. It’s great when something you’ve done leads directly to the phone ringing, or to an enquiry coming in – and ultimately to help keep the production line moving!”

With his role covering such a diverse number of packaging products and business sectors, no two days are the same for Steve. One day he can be organising photoshoots, the next planning the following quarters digital marketing campaigns or updating the company’s social media. 

Steve also spends a lot of time with the design team, understanding the innovative and diverse packaging solutions that the company creates for its customers. And because the business never stands still, neither does Steve’s role. 

He concluded: “Whether it’s a new customer that we’re working with or a new business that we’re setting up, there’s always something happening that makes my role interesting and rewarding.” 

“Manufacturing is a very entrepreneurial, fast-moving sector, and whatever challenges company’s come up against they’re always looking for new and exciting ways to overcome them. There are always opportunities available across so many areas of manufacturing businesses, and that’s what makes it such a great sector to work in.”